World Economic Outlook April 2015

IMF Releases Global Outlook 2015

The Peterson Group – Jakarta, Indonesia

Global growth stays moderate and uneven, and a variety of complex forces are giving shape to the outlook. For instances, medium- and long-term trends, global shocks, and many country- or region-specific factors.

Recent Global Economic Trends

The April 2015 WEO takes a look at the causes and implications of recent trends, including reduced oil prices, that are offering a boost to help growth globally and in several oil-importing countries are generally evaluating with action in oil-exporting countries, and substantial changes in exchange rates for major currencies, showing variants in country growth rates and in exchange rate policies and the reduced price of oil.

Analytical chapters explore the expansion rate of potential output across advanced and emerging market economies, assessing its recent track and probably future course; and the performance of private fixed investment in advanced economies, which has featured conspicuously in the public policy dialogue in previous years, giving focus on the role of overall economic weakness in accounting for this performance.

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