China Source of All Rare Earth

Rare Earth Element Purification and Processing

The Peterson Group – Jakarta, Indonesia

Highly purified rare earth elements are critical to our high tech society. They are a vital component in all of our computer based devices, wind power generation, electric vehicles, military aircraft and weapons, high strength steel and much more.

The term rare earth element is of historical origin and is not a technically descriptive term.  Those elements classified as rare earth are relatively common, but widely dispersed, usually found together and only in low concentration ores. The highest grade ores deposits may have as much as 2% of a mixture of the 16 common RE oxides but most have much less. There has been a concerted effort to find, quantify and lease commercially viable ore deposits. Most of this prospecting is done by small, low cap ( less than $500 million ) companies.

As it stands more than 90% of the production and refining of these critical materials is controlled by China which sets price and availability to fit political expediency: this can’t last.

Turns out there is only one game in town for refining REE ore: China. Lynas Co of Australia has tried to put together an  integrated mining and purification operation. With one of the highest grade and least radioactive ores yet found and a proven purification process, it should have been a slam-dunk. But they forgot the politics. With China financing (my guess) the Australian Greens/Luddites and protesters in Malaysia Lynas never had a chance.
There a many economically viable REE deposits some of which will be exploited as long as China controls the final product. There are lots of these out there. For those that are listed, exchanges of choice are Canadian or Australia Stock Exchange, or both.

Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp

Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp (“Pacific Wildcat” or the “Company”, TSXV: PAW) is an African focused strategic minerals exploration and development company with projects located in East Africa.The Company is focussed on the development of the world class Mrima Hill Niobium and Rare Earth Project in Kenya (PAW indirect 70% interest) (“Mrima Hill”). Since completion of the acquisition of the indirect 70% interest in Mrima Hill in 2012, the Company has received a 21 year Mining Licence (please note Company’s Press Release # 2013-17, on purported revocation of mining licences issued since January 2013 by Kenyan Government for a 60 day review period) for the Mrima Hill Project and obtained approval for its Environmental Impact Assessment study’s for the Project.

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