The Peterson Group’s Single-minded Focus

The Peterson Group is in the business of building on your current assets as well as your compensation. We are, in short, in the business of building wealth. Your wealth. Our approach is defined by a relentless focus on the fundamental tasks necessary to build wealth through smart investment: honing a keen understanding of the global markets for debt and equity; monitoring and forecasting currency fluctuations in the locales where we trade and where our clients reside; constantly deepening and expanding our insight into the industries and markets that comprise our investment strategy.

Our Advisory Services are Aligned to Your Goals

Our alignment to, and realization of, your financial goals is a fundamental tenet of our success. This is why our clients remain year after year to watch their portfolios grow in value and their collective prosperity rise to enviable levels. When you engage with one of our wealth advisors, you receive a fully objective assessment of your portfolio, expectations and plan to reach your financial objectives. Our objectivity extends to the products we recommend for your portfolio. As wealth advisors, our job is to establish and follow a strategy that makes you more affluent and secure. We stand with you to help execute this strategy over time through prudent choices and decisions.

Profit From Your Success With The Peterson Group

As wealth advisors focused on the expatriate community, we specialize on the unique requirements of professionals who live outside their native country. The Peterson Group is a team of fellow expatriates working to create the best conditions for your financial prosperity. Foremost among our qualifications is our ability to have the candid conversations that put you in position to accomplish your goals.

A New World Order of Investors

A world where many industries are dying, while some like energy and commodities stay vibrant, and where new economic rules mean investors need a new playbook. A playbook that maps strategies that shield you from increasing tax- es, volatile markets, and trading models that use technology as a substitute for research and analysis. We subject our portfolio to a series of penetrating questions that track meta-trends that define our world today as well as the basics of the business and industry.

Sound Research & Analysis

Winners in the global marketplace succeed by remaining cognizant of investment opportunities that hold the promise of realizing substantial profit. Knowing when to apply a bold or cautious approach is The Peterson Group’s method for aggrandizing our clients’ portfolios. Our team helps you collect profits that spell the difference between modest growth and real excitement — the kind that your family and peers recognize as your fortunes rise.

Emerging Markets Are a Sound Option for Our Investors

New technologies and global, ubiquitous communications mean that new and emerging markets are better understood than ever before. As these regions develop, you need an advisory group that separates reality from hype can identify profitable investment where solid returns do not mean sacrificing growth. The Peterson Group extensive focus on new and emerging markets means we find opportunity and locate fresh investment options that generate cash flow and capital gain.

The Peterson Group Enriching Its Clients Through Expert Guidance

The Peterson Group exists solely to make you money. To accomplish this simple task, we expend untold effort to remain well informed in the areas we cover. We look beyond financial fads to locate trends that bespeak near and long term profit. Moreover, we reconcile this knowledge with your specific investment expectations to create a foundation of wealth that you can build upon to realize your dreams.

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